Washed Linen Jacket – Taylor Stitch

USA Made


Washed Linen Jacket – Taylor Stitch: Did you ever see The Great Gatsby? No, not the new one, the real one. The one with Mia Farrow, Bruce Dern and Robert Redford. Well, if you didn’t, do so immediately. And, if you did, can we all agree that the wardrobe was AMAZING? Even as a young girl, I recognized that Gatsby’s linen suit was boss. I have always wanted a smaller, more effeminate version for myself, and any other woman out there who pines after the tragically stylish. So, you can imagine my elation when I came upon Taylor Stitch, and their Washed Irish Linen Project Jacket ($198). It may not be double-breasted, and it may not be pink, but it most certainly speaks of a more fashionably elegant era. The antiqued brass buttons are a nice touch too, making the wearer look worldly and chic. And if you want to imagine yourself on the arm of Redford’s Gatsby, that’s fine too. An added bonus.

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