Watercolor Baby Quilts – Hopewell

USA Made


Watercolor Baby Quilts – Hopewell: What do you think of when you hear the word “comfort”? Some imagine a crackling fire, and soft purring kitten, while others think of sunny days, swinging airily in a hand-woven hammock, but one thing we all conjure in our mind’s eye is a blanket. Claire Oswalt and Eliza Kenan of Hopewell know and understand this definition of comfort, and they have made it their lives’ work to manifest this idea in the tangible world. One of their many comforting creations is the watercolor baby quilts ($175). This vibrant and stylish piece is made from all-natural materials; it is light, breathable, and soft to the touch. Your little loved one will be coddled and cozy, and the blanket will make a prismatic, playful addition to your nursery or playroom. The hearty linen and cotton batting are machine washable, and are certain to last many generations.

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