Waves Quilts – First Shelter

USA Made


You’ll encounter at least one instance in your life where you’ll want to tuck either yourself or a loved one in all warm and cozily, and the perfect quilts for that job are the Waves Quilts by First Shelter. ($810.00) Honestly, nestling yourself up in a comfortable blanket can be one of this world’s most rewarding experiences – it’s just so darn cuddly and inviting – and when you use the likes of a 100% organic cotton, hand-dyed and hand-stitched quilt, you can almost guarantee you won’t be leaving that comfort zone for at least a couple of hours (pssst: no one will blame you!). Every Waves Quilt is created in San Diego, where founder Christy Nelson has built a career based upon satisfying the customer’s expectations, as well as her own heightened personal standards. You might label it a life calling, considering she’s been making quilts since the age of five, and also considering her unfettered passion towards the trade. And now we get to enjoy her sensational products, such as the blue gradation of the Waves Quilt, as we wrap up in our soft, cocoon-like shelters, imagining the pattern of hand-dyed blues as some personalized, limitless and loving sky.


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