Whiskey Grade X Grifter Gloves

USA Made


You’re a hunter, a rider, a gardener, a tool-wielder – you’re any or all of these things, and because of that, you’ll need to take a look at the Whiskey Grade X Grifter gloves. ($72.00) Grifter has happily established itself as being renowned for its highest-quality products, and Whiskey Grade is a trend-setting kind of enterprise with a top-take on mercenary gloves, so when you put the two into a collaboration bottle and shake it up, you end up with a limited-edition gift to the world. The building blocks in this case are simple and refined, balanced in perfect cohesion, beginning with the camouflage rip stop Multi Cam nylon portion to cover the outer hand, in tango with Grifter’s traditional Vintage’d Bison leather for the underlying grip. As for the inner glove, the Vintage’d Bison will serve as your palm’s dreamily rugged partner, while on top your knuckles will get to know and love an extra soft suede interior to the rip stop nylon. As always with these two manufacturers, every detail is tempered with rigid precision, each seam a touch of perfection, and every bit of which is made right here in the U.S.


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