Whole Bean Coffee – District Roasters

USA Made


If the morning time were a music record, your cup of coffee would be the ‘Play’ button, and if you want to make a hit record, you want the Whole Bean Coffee options from District Roasters. ($10 – $12) District Roasters began its journey just back in 2014, but considering the weight of their mission (and thus far their accomplishments), it’s easy to tell that their journey will be long and valued. From its humble home in Spring, Texas, District Roasters began to seek out the world’s best coffees, and considering coffee beans are harvested only outside the U.S., they had to reach far and wide. Again, they went for the best beans out there, which are majorly produced by some of the world’s most impoverished communities – there is a terribly sad truth to this, but the good heart beating behind the District ideology contributes directly back to those sources with redirected profit when selling their various coffee beans. Take the El Salvadorian coffee bag offered on the District website, with a flavor profile of caramel, green apple, and nuttiness, the purchase of which will provide you with some delicious energy while also helping out farmers in the Quezaltepeque mountain region. The system is simple, yet it has been ignored far too long; however, with help and vision from the likes of District Roasters, the reward for hard work will hopefully be paid out properly. And as for variety, District also offers expertly farmed products from Brazil, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, and Africa, each with its own beautiful, refined taste that will probably have your mug working overtime (even if you aren’t).

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