Woodcutter Coat – Woolrich

USA Made


If you’ve ever been to any forested region of the country during fall or winter, you’ve most certainly laid your eyes on a Woolrich Woodcutter Coat ($345.00), a national staple of bona fide manly style, and one that keeps its wearer that hibernation degree of warm. With this coat, Woolrich reached deep into its wooly pockets for that 100% American-made, highest quality product for the highest quality consumer, and they also took a new-age approach to a traditional design. The Woolrich has long been a prime piece of apparel for hunters, and it has traditionally been equipped with a back pocket for carrying game; however, the new design has re-formatted this pocket to fit snuggly your ever-handy tablet device. Alongside this design are the traditional features of the coat, including 100% Woolrich Mill wool composition, an over-sized weather protection collar, and double-yoke shoulders for reinforced durability and insulation. The Woodcutter Coat is available in your choice of black or Hunting Red (plaid), either of which will provide a strong, toasty, and strapping outer layer against the elements.

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