Woven Lidded Carafe – Pigeon Toe Ceramics

USA Made


Feeling thirsty? The Woven Lidded Carafe ($160) from Pigeon Toe Ceramics is modern take on an old classic. Covered in a hand-woven reed basket and topped with a lid that doubles as a cup, this vessel is perfect for the nightstand. Customize your carafe by choosing from a variety of solid or striped reed colors and by choosing either one or two cups. Founded in 2009, this Portland based company seeks to explore the aesthetic potential of objects that populate our lives and to find fresh prospective through innovative material combinations. Each piece is thoughtfully and carefully crafted in the USA. As the company’s website says, “You will know a Pigeon Toe Ceramics piece by its purpose, you will remember it for its presence, and you will love it for what it transcends.”

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