Woven Swing-Arm Sconce – Pigeon Toe

USA Made




We all want our homes to be warm, peaceful havens, and lighting is crucial to achieving this type of space.  Imagine coming home to relax with a good book in your favorite chair.  You’ve got a caramel macchiato and the whole evening ahead of you, which you plan to spend finishing The Goldfinch.  Need a little extra light shed on those pages? The Woven Swing-Arm Sconce ($340) from Pigeon Toe offers the perfect amount of easily accessible illumination to complement your reading while maintaining the tranquil, unpretentious ambiance of your environment.  Suspended from a hand-crafted walnut arm that rotates 180 degrees, this wall lamp is comprised of a gently curved porcelain shade and fused with hand-twined round reed. This innovative mix of materials is one of the many ways that the Portland-based company, spearheaded by lead designer Lisa Jones, seeks to accentuate function and redefine form.  The result of this mission is the creation of beautiful objects that celebrate the extensive history of handcrafts and remind us of an era in which artisans not only create but inspire. So go ahead and add some light to your life.  With the Woven Swing Arm Sconce, your home is sure to shine.

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